The versatility, modularity, reliability and mobility of our optimized cementation reactors allows us to offer our services in many different type of applications as can be seen below. Providing there is metal contained in the envisaged solutions or that a solid waste material can be leached, we can recover the many different contained metals for our clients (as can be seen in the Metals page of this website).

Providing there is ionic metal contained in the solutions, there are no limits to the applications we can work on.



Applications examples

Process waters


Post Brenda process metal recovery (Molybdenum industry)

Ionic metal content in water holes/reserves

Reducing CrVI into CRIII in the tannery industry

Mine dewatering metal recovery

Indium & Tin recovery in flat display industry

Platinoïd/rhenium recovery in catalyst waste solutions

Complex (polymetallic, organic, extra low pH, etc.)

Tailing waters

Recovery from plating baths

Post SX process (before refinate goes to back to the heap)

Periodic metal production

Post industrial tooling recovery

Shale gas/oil waters metal recovery

Mercury recovery in discharge lamps recycling

Remediation of polluted industrial sites

Heavy metal recovery in dust of fusion furnaces

Acid mine water drainage

Low grade mining solutions

Post EW process (before waters used to dampen deposits)

Short term project/reserve

Gold refinery Copper recovery

Copper recovery in electronic industry

Pre-production on heap leach before SX-EW production start

Recovery of metals in wastes of machining industry

Post IX process metal valuation