Energy as a true variable cost

The ELSA technology has a very low energy consumption. Indeed the energy use of an ELSA reactor is limited to pumps, the PLC and  ultrasonic devices, therefore the nominal power consumption of a reactor is very low. The sacrificial metal used will replace any normal  energy used in electro winning.

The cost of the sacrificial metal therefore becomes the main energy element of the process. This is why unlike other hydrometallurical process the need for concentration is either much less needed or not necessary at all in order for our technology to offer an immediate benefit to our clients. This is a fundamental element in both low grade and variable grade solutions.

As a reference point a reactor working at a flow of 18m3/h will consume only 4kW/h. If we take an example for copper, with a PLS at 5g/l such reactor would produce 61 tons of copper per month.

The real “energy” consumption comes from the ion exchange and is a variable cost because of the fundamental properties of cementation, consumption which has been greatly improved by our technology.

Iron shots used for most reactions
Microscope view of metal powder cemented on the shots