Metal applications

Copper is a fundamental base metal. Approximately 16m tons of the metal are produced every year and 3m tons recycled.

Copper is the most efficiently priced conductor, thus is among other things involved in most wiring applications in many different industries such as:

  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive

Copper is also widely used in:

  • Piping
  • Healthcare (growing market)

Finally and this is fundamental to the ELSA product, copper is also widely used in the agricultural world as a MCN (micronutrients) which are added to the NPK fertilizers as it:

  • activates enzymes
  • catalyzes reactions in several plant-growth processes
  • the presence of copper is closely linked to Vitamin A production
  • It helps ensure successful protein synthesis


We have substantial experience in copper production with a wide range of solutions and aims for our clients...

  • Low grade solution (<.5g/l)
  • Medium grade solution (5-16g/l)
  • High grade (>40g/l)
  • Very low pH
  • With MES
  • With organic content
  • With H+
  • High calcium content
  • High As content
  • High Fe content

…in various productions modes:

  • Batch
  • Continuous

Products (by elsa) and properties

As a result of cementation, the ELSA copper product will always be in powder form, unless altered for specific reasons in briquets for example. Depending on the chosen off take we can optimise certain caracteristics such as oxidation, particle size, humidity, Fe content, etc.

ELSA powder products can be used in the fertilizer industry or put directly in a smelter. While a humidity content of the product will in no way alter its attractiveness to the fertilizer industry it will bare it from smelter use.

Case studies

  • San Ignacio
  • Post Brenda extraction
  • Very low grade PLS from tailings
  • Recovery in industrial solutions