A typical ELSA reactor


  • No minimal pH (in acid environments), un impacted by pH swings during operation
  • Un Impacted by high ferrous (Fe2+) or high ferric (Fe3+) content
  • Un Impacted by other metals contained (in most cases)
  • Modular flow during operation
  • "Target" metal grade can vary during operation
  • Works in batch or in continuous


  • Reactors are designed to operate 24/7 in continuous flow
  • No mechanical or moving parts apart from pumps
  • Only uses top of the range materials and parts in construction or operation


  • Add ons/changes to reactors/lines in order to optimise/change operational parameters easy to execute
  • More reactors can be added in serie to modify a process or…
  • …in parallel to treat more flow


  • Easy to move a reactor to another location

Ease of operation

  • An operator can alone operate a reactor
  • Highly automatised

Defining a reactor for a client
An industrial reactor